Ortho Nil Oil by Babaji Herbals 100 ml

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Discover natural, soothing relief with Ortho Nil Oil By Babaji Herbals. Carefully crafted with a blend of potent botanical ingredients, including sesame oil, gandhapura oil, neelgiri oil, and more, our herbal oil provides effective relief from muscle and joint discomfort. 

Our formula harnesses the power of nature to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation. Sesame oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, serves as the base, ensuring a smooth and luxurious application. Gandhapura oil, derived from Gaultheria procumbens leaves, offers fast-acting relief for arthritis, backaches, and sprains.

With the invigorating essence of eucalyptus and camphor, our oil eases respiratory congestion and headaches. Additional botanicals like ajma phool, pudina phool, and lasan oil provide a comprehensive approach to pain relief. 

Embrace the healing benefits of nature and bid farewell to synthetic pain relievers. Rediscover comfort naturally with our Pain Relief Herbal Oil. Your well-being deserves the purity of nature.

Qty : 100ml

Type: Non- Sticky herbal ayurvedic oil

Purpose:  Pain relief oil

Usage: Daily use

Best effect when also taking Ortho Nil Powder 

Ingredients : Seasame Oil, Gandhpura Oil, Guggul Oil, Terpentine Oil, Camphor Oil, Pudina Oil, Malkangani Oil, Nirgundi Oil, Capsicum Oil, Mahanarayan Oil, Mahavishgarbh Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalytus Oil, Cinnamon Oil

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